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Special Celebration at the Parish of St-Arsène in Montreal, Quebec

On the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the birth of our foundress, the Sisters of Marie-Rose Durocher Residence want to make this woman known and celebrated - this woman from the Province of Quebec.  On October 2nd, the parishioners of St. Arsène parish invited the Sisters, Associates, former students and friends to the 10:00 Eucharistic celebration.  A lot of energy, affection and sense of pride went into the preparations. 

A wooden statue of Blessed Marie-Rose Durocher, carved by Sr. Jeanne Bois is in a niche in the church.  Flowers were placed near her.  Medals, relics, brochures and statuettes were available for the taking.

A statue of Blessed Marie-Rose set on a pedestal at the front of the church, was surrounded by the flag of the Congregation, flowers, a painting of young Eulalie on her horse, panels on which were written some of the thoughts and words of our blessed one . . .

During the offertory procession, a painting of Mother Marie-Rose with the children, a world globe and a basket of fruit were placed in front of the altar. 

the offertory gifts

This Mass of thanksgiving, presided by our chaplain, Fr. Christin Lopez o.p., was enriched by the singing of the choir under the direction of Sr. Lorraine Beauchamp, the homily given by two of the Sisters from Marie-Rose Residence who highlighted the moral and apostolic impact of the work of Blessed Marie-Rose.  Sr. Denise Mercier spoke about Eulalie as a young girl and Sr. Pierrette, dressed in the original religious habit, shared about Mother Marie-Rose, the foundress of our Congregation in Longueuil. 

Pierrette Désilets and Denise Mercier

Apples were distributed to everyone at the end of Mass as a reminder of all the autumn fruit given out by Mother Marie-Rose to the students and Sisters of her era.

Thank you to all the Holy Names Sisters and the SNJM Associates, and to all those who organized this beautiful tribute!

Pierrette Désilets s.n.j.m. and Denise Mercier s.n.j.m.

   Photos de l'événement             

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