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Maison des enfants Marie-Rose October 2, 2011

The children and invited guests

On Sunday, October 2, 2011, during the Eucharistic celebration, 20 children, each carrying a magnificent rose, processed down the main aisle of the church preceding the priest.  They slowly walked in to the music of Schubert’s “Ave Maria” played by saxophonist, Mr. Jacques Gendron, with organ accompaniment.  It was an awesome moment.  The children solemnly placed their roses into a vase that was in front of 3 panels depicting the life of Mother Marie-Rose.  They then sat down facing everyone gathered.  As children of God they silently sat there, a picture of beauty and innocence.

I gave a testimony and three children shared their experiences at  “Maison des enfants Marie-Rose”.  Then the pastor, Fr. Denis Cardinal, spoke about Mother Marie-Rose saying that her work not only continues in Africa and other places around the world but also right at “Maison des enfants Marie-Rose” in Beauharnois.

The children walking in procession

Following the ceremony, we returned to “Maison des enfants Marie-Rose” where the children enjoyed the most delicious ‘galettes de sarrasin’(crepes), prepared by two SNJM Associates: Josée Lareau and Jeannine Lemieux who also cleaned up afterwards.

My husband, François and best friend, Dyane also helped out with the reception for all the adults – a big family indeed!  Thank you to all those who lent a hand and for all the joy you shared with our children.

Janine Lefebvre, Associate

Article Diocese of Valleyfield (in French) and Photos of the event

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