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Promises made by our Lay Consecrated Women

On Saturday, September 10, 2011, six lay consecrated members united to the S.N.J.M. Congregation, renewed their vows of chastity for 3 years.

Integrated into a day of recollection held at the Foundation House, the celebration took place in the chapel of the Congregation House. Thirty guests joined them for the celebration.

Inspired by Mother Marie-Rose, who also took a vow of chastity as did these lay people, and following her example, these chosen ones of the day joyfully recommitted themselves. In their living “chaste love” embodied through the "active charity" of the S.N.J.M. charism, they are striving to be true witnesses to the Gospel.

Yolande Laberge s.n.j.m.

photos of the event



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