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Val Morin welcomes CÉBO September 15 to 18, 2011

Marie-Rose Durocher among us and the participants

Planting a tree in Val Morin

This year, the 200th anniversary of the birth of Eulalie Durocher, we had thought about planting our tree during the visit of the members of the CÉBO who are continuing our work of education especially for the elimination of illiteracy in the Outaouais region of Quebec.

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Here are a few comments we received after this celebration:

Having been invited to plant a tree for the 200th anniversary, has enabled us to concretize our bond of friendship and solidarity with you, the SNJM’s, and above all with the team at Val Morin. We felt that we were part of the same family.

We felt that we had an important role as participants whether it was watering or covering the roots with earth.

It reminded me of my child who was buried when I was not present 42 years ago, and it was liberating. I was really moved by this experience.

To see a tree take root is like the rebirth of the work that you have accomplished. We consider it as a continuation of your work.

Just as a tree is always called to reach towards the sky, CÉBO is called to always aim higher, i.e. towards excellence.

When I was young, we were 4 children in our family and each of us had a small tree in the yard. We each had the responsibility of watering it. This planting brought back happy memories to me.

Each time we come back here, we will see the tree growing as a link that unites our team to yours.

I marvelled at this whole experience. Above all, it is really symbolic that Nicole Patenaude Labelle, the foundress of CÉBO, participated in the planting of the 200th anniversary tree. All our thanks for providing us with this opportunity.

Jeanne Lebeau, s.n.j.m.

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