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Law Against Human Trafficking in Lesotho

The Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary in Lesotho continue their work against human trafficking.  They have made advances in this area.  March 28, 2011, the government of Lesotho with more than 80 civil servants, held a meeting to officially announce the 2011 law against human trafficking.

At a meeting in Maseru in April 2011, Puleng Mbangamthi, the Director of legal affairs who works at the Ministry of Internal Affairs, said that knowledge and understanding of human trafficking are seen as effective weapons against this crime.

She added that unemployment and poverty are factors that make people more vulnerable and thus traffickers deceive these people, promising them jobs.

Mrs. Mbangamthi mentioned that a national plan is being prepared based on the model of the 2011 law against human trafficking, with the goal of preventing these crimes that are taking place mainly on the borders between Lesotho and South Africa.

Another world is possible

without the trafficking of people, especially of women and children,

a world in which human dignity is recognized and respected.

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