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Official Inauguration of the Eulalie Durocher Mausoleum

June 4th, 400 people attended the inauguration of the Eulalie Durocher Mausoleum at Notre-Dames-des Neiges Cemetery.

Sisters Thérèse Laplante and Lorraine Mongeon, representing the Congregation of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary, founded in 1844 by Eulalie Durocher, were among the invited guests.

The mausoleum, a 65 000 square foot building, was devised by architect Maxime Brault. It is the 10th such structure at Notre-Dame-des-Neiges Cemetery.  It renders tribute to the foundress of one of the most important Quebec religious congregations that has played a major role in Quebec, especially in the field of education.


M. Robert Gagné pss, Srs T. Laplante and L. Mongeon

The interior walls of the Eulalie Durocher Mausoleum walls are covered with various types of Quebec marble. This building took two years to complete. The architect designed this mausoleum with the intent of creating an atmosphere of contemplation and serenity.

Natural light streaming in through the fourteen panoramic windows allows visitors to appreciate the surrounding wooden panels as well as offers a special view of St. Joseph’s Oratory.

daylight streaming in through the window

In the entrance of the mausoleum, visitors will see a large mobile named “The Resurrection”, a monumental work of art, in glass, lit by ceiling lights as well as natural light.  Each window is decorated with a laser etching of one of the fourteen Stations of the Cross.

We would like you to be aware that the building council of Notre-Dame Parish in Montreal has owned and operated the 343-acre (1.39 km²) Notre-Dame-des-Neiges Cemetery since 1854.  It is the largest cemetery in Canada and the third largest in North America.  This cemetery welcomes 175 000 visitors annually.

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