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Sister Bertha Bleau - 100 years old!


Dear Sister Bertha,

One hundred years old! This is a happy day which allows us to highlight some of the many events from your long life.

On January 30, 1911, Eva Ricard gave birth to her first daughter; good news for Hermas Bleau, a farmer from l’Épiphanie! 2 other girls and 6 boys would follow.
Bertha studied at the Pensionnat de l’Épiphanie and, at night, took pleasure in helping her mother in the house. She loved studying and even took piano lessons for several years.

The family moved to Repentigny where her father became a restaurant owner. It was well known that athletes, bus drivers and truck drivers came by for a good meal.

 Among other things in this restaurant,there were all kinds of candy! Bertha often spoke of the treats which she shared with her friends.  For that matter, even at one hundred years old, she still loves to eat them!

Bertha entered the postulate on July 24, 1930 after having worked for one year in an office as a secretary-typist. A long list of missions where she excelled in teaching followed; for 35 year, she says!

She also participated, throughout the years, in many tasks for the community: in the infirmary, the sacristy, cafeteria, maintenance, telephone duty, etc. Bertha loves to be useful, and is very active and dedicated to her community!

Since August 31, 2001, Bertha has exercised a ministry of prayer in the Infirmary of the Motherhouse in Outremont. She was transferred to Maison Jésus-Marie in Longueuil on June 25, 2005.

Your birthday is such a happy day because it allows us to tell you how much your religious family appreciates you and loves you!

Best wishes for health, joy and serenity!

May the Lord, who will one day call you to follow Him, always keep you in the warmth of His Love!


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