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Iberville Volunteer Action Centre

Throughout the summer, many SNJM sisters and associates supported the Community Garden Project of the Centre d'Action Bénévole d'Iberville (Iberville Volunteer Action Centre) where Huguette Fleurant works.

Here are the results of their support:

In the rain, last September 30th, twenty Home Depot employees, along with the volunteers from the Centre, installed a jungle gym, that will remain as a permanent fixture, in the Community Garden. The children are already benefiting from this precious gift.

The jungle gym is our “pride and joy”. We received much more than we had ever hoped for: five boxes of flowers, many bags of mulch, four lilac trees, perennials, a fence that goes along the border, 2 wheelbarrows, 2 sprinklers, a sink, the jungle gym, a picnic table, 2 gallons of paint, a border trimmer, gardening pails, etc.

Thanks to all the Sisters and Associates who supported this project by voting regularly on the Centre d'Action Bénévole d'Iberville website. This has been such a wonderful experience, I'll tell you more about it as time goes by!

Huguette Fleurant, snjm

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