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2010 Missioning Celebration

October 10, 2010, 125 Sisters and Associates gathered in Longueuil for the launching of the year and the missioning celebration.  This very important meeting marked the beginning of our new Province Leadership Team whose members are: Sister Marie-Paule Demarbre, Provincial superior, Sister Jeanne Dagenais, Sister Lorraine Mongeon and Sister Beverley Wattling.

Gathering in the chapel of Maison Jésus-Marie, we felt an air of joy in the room.  After warmly welcoming us, Sister Marie-Paule presented an overview of the meeting.  The proposed theme for the coming year is: “We want to live interdependence in a dynamic way.” 

In the Names of Jesus and Mary,
wherever we live and work,
we desire to be an educational presence
which influences our milieu
according to the Gospel values
of love, justice and peace. 

Witnesses to the Gospel as instruments of transformation,
we Sisters and Associates of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary,
are called to constantly live our interdependence
in new and dynamic ways.

To illustrate the proposals, there was a ritual during which various kinds of footwear were brought in procession and placed in a display: sizes, usage, colours and shapes, worn by people of all ages.  Wherever we walk!  The priorities were presented as guidelines for this coming year. Under the “banner” of ‘Keeping alive our SNJM mission’, these priorities were summarized in the following words: presence in the world, animation, communication, participation and outreach.

A missioning ceremony concluded the ritual.  A gathering like this could not end without the opportunity of continuing the celebration with refreshments and conversation.




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