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Centenary Celebration of “Pavillon St-Lambert” A Journey back in Time

Last August 25th¸ Pavillon St-Lambert, one of the two campuses of Collège Durocher, celebrated it’s centenary with a journey back in time. Sr. Marthe Carmel, past director, and myself, the last SNJM teacher at the school, once again put on the "Holy Habit" and, in the manner of those earliest days, welcomed everyone in the lobby of the school.

We began on a humorous note: at the signal of the Director's vigorously rung bell, all 300 teachers and support staff lined up in the lobby - boys and girls in separate lines - everyone more or less respecting the silence. It was the official opening of the 100th anniversary celebrations. Mrs. Carmen Poirier, Director General, announced the yearlong program of anniversary activities. Two of these projects mentioned in particular: the Mass of October 24th, and the Christmas concert of December 10th.

Following these announcements, a “100th Anniversary Rosebush” was unveiled, along with a piece of artwork, done in leather and created by Paul-André Leblanc.  It will be placed in the atrium. The rosebush will continue to grow each year with the addition of new metallic leaves, representing the arrival of the Secondary One students.  Also, the “blooming” of tiny roses will symbolize the graduation of the Secondary 5 students.

The official opening of the “Musée du Collège” marks an important moment in our history: from Mother Marie-Rose’s initial dream down to the present. Two honoured guests, Sr. Jacqueline Boudreau s.n.j.m and Mrs. Josée Lavigueur, a former student, joined us for a press conference with local news journalists. We then gathered on the green roof for cocktails, followed by a delicious dinner.

This stimulating day reinforced the school's mission and enthusiasm for its future.

News brief: On September 17th, 1000 students and personnel gathered together in the atrium to partake of a gigantic cake, in the shape of the number  "100."

Lisette Boulé, snjm

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