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A Reason to Celebrate !

Sunday, November 2nd, 2008, the Sisters from the Saint-André Pavilion of Maison Jésus-Marie celebrated the 100th birthday of Sister Juliette Marquis – a wonderful celebration of her life.

The following Sunday, November 9th, over 40 members of Sr. Juliette’s family, some from as far away as Ile Verte, joined her, at 2:00 pm for a Mass of Thanksgiving in the chapel. Her sister, Sr. Jeanne d’Arc had left Sainte-Martine Convent early that morning to help the centenarian get ready.


On this feast of the “Dedication of the Saint John Lateran Basilica in Rome, the chaplain, Fr. Gilles Fontaine, underlined in his homily that Sr. Juliette has truly lived her whole life, knowing that she is God’s holy temple.

At the end of Mass, Laurent, Sr. Juliette’s brother shared that, at one point, she had lived away from Quebec for a number of years, missioned to Duluth, Minnesota and twice to Manitoba.  The family was delighted when she eventually returned to Quebec.

After Mass, the celebration continued in the cafeteria, where delicious, decadent refreshments were served.  Lots of memories and special moments were shared!  Sr. Juliette also recited three poems that she had learned as a child at school.  What a memory!


Around 4:30, the guests began to leave, promising to keep in touch and to come together again.  That evening, Sr. Juliette, delighted with her day and full of gratitude, retired early.  She had re-connected with family members, some of whom she had not seen for many years.   Those memories will remain with her for a long time.

Congratulations and a long life, Sister Juliette...!

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