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On June 20th, and at the end of a well-filled 5-year term, the members of the Provincial Leadership Team received the expression of gratitude of the Sisters and Associates of Quebec.  Our gratitude is expressed by referring to the leadership of Mother Marie-Rose, our foundress.

“Mother Marie-Rose knew how to lead our Congregation with wisdom and courage and to assure its full development.”  These traits underline the personality of Sister Lise Marleau, our provincial leader and bring to the fore her gift of leadership and administration.  In serving the province, she needed generosity, courage, diligence, a fighting spirit and loyalty.

“Mother Marie-Rose loved people and did all in her power to make them happy, to develop their abilities and to assure their personal autonomy.”  This truly describes Sister Rachel Fréchette, our provincial coordinator, her sense of humour, ability to lead, her dynamic attention which she gave to the sick and to our Associates.

“Mother Marie-Rose was attentive and respectful of all persons.  Each one was important for her.”  Being both good but firm, Sister Constance Letourneau, Provincial coordinator, encouraged, supported, challenged with simplicity and was authentic and open at all times…

Sister Rolland Coderre served in the Province for nearly three and a half years as Provincial coordinator, especially at Maison Jésus-Marie, so we wish to thank her.  She was known for her presence, generosity and competence especially in communication…

“Mother Marie-Rose took on the material management of the Congregation with competence and discernment in order to assure autonomy in the parish and village of Longueuil.”

Twenty-three years as provincial treasurer in three different provinces of Quebec, without changing occupation…we may present Sister Suzanne Leclaire with her stripes at the end of her mandate.  She is noted for her perseverance, adaptability, respect for each one’s needs and a listening heart and ear.  She deserves more than time allows us!

“Mother Marie-Rose served her Sisters with simplicity and deep humility.”  In this way, we can describe the characteristics of the Provincial Leadership Team on which each sister served with the best of her ability, giving life to the 2006 Acts of the General Chapter, mindful of interdependence and openness to the world…

This resumé is certainly incomplete and it cannot render justice to all that was accomplished or described in this gathering.


Photos of the event

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