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Maison Jésus-Marie: already five years!


June 2005
It is the closing day of the Motherhouse situated at 1420 Mount-Royal Boulevard where, since 1925, so many important SNJM events have occurred.  If walls could speak, many are the events they could share on the entry of the postulants, beautiful religious ceremonies and the more difficult times lived by those being formed to religious life.  All these memories are deeply imbedded in our hearts.

Then there was the moving into Maison Jésus-Marie, a newly constructed building at 86 Saint-Charles Est in Longueuil, which during the past 5 years has seen the spirit of joy and well-being, comfort, much caring and even sisterly moments of sad separations.  This hour, the last to be part of our historical story, finds its place right next to our foundation house which dates from 1843.

And then, the move to Maison Jésus-Marie, at 86 St-Charles Est in Longueuil, a very attractive, modern newly constructed building which during the past 5 years has seen the birth of joyful souls, comfort, much caring and even sisterly moments of sad separation. This house, the last to be part of our history, finds its place right next to our Foundation House, which dates from 1843.


June 20, 2010

Today we celebrate the first five years spent in these beautiful surroundings, in the presence of the personnel of the house and many special invited guests: our chaplains, Fr. Gilles Fontaine and Fr. Gilles Ménard; Mrs. Charlotte Baillargeon, General Directrice and Angèle Gauthier, Directice of health services and assistance; along with both the General and Provincial Leadership Teams.

In the afternoon, many of our Sisters, Associates and consecrated lay members joined us in celebrating.  A musical concert, under the direction of Sister Maryse Moissan snjm and given by the elderly Sisters of the Residence, awakened memories and joys in each of us.  This hour and a half of SNJM memories was like a return to our roots…but in a new house called Maison Jésus-Marie where many will make their home in the coming years.  Wine, refreshments and a happy reunion completed the celebration.






Photos of the event


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