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Another Way of Supporting Projects Corresponding to the SNJM Mission

Collaboration with Béati

Conscious that their mission and values ​​are shared by many community organizations, the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary (SNJM) support groups and projects with which they share affinities. Since August 2012, SNJM’s have been working in partnership with the Béati Foundation.

This Foundation, active in Quebec for more than 25 years, has a solid expertise in financial support and the accompaniment of significant initiatives that "contribute to building a world marked by justice and solidarity". Béati’s knowledge and methods of accompaniment allow SNJM’s to explore new avenues of education in the area of solidarity with communities.

Supporting an education and awareness project

This year, the Béati Foundation has chosen to support, on behalf of the SNJM community, a project presented by Les Arches du Quebec (Quebec L’Arche Communities). This project matches the Congregation’s priorities in education.

The financial support of Les Arches du Québec project makes possible the hiring of a person who will act as a project support assistant. This person will have the mandate to support "all the L'Arche communities of Quebec in their work of raising awareness of the contribution of people with intellectual disabilities."

The project includes, among other things, an awareness campaign in elementary schools, and an awareness of the L'Arche experience with college and university students as well as with the general public.

The support of such a project is a perfect illustration of the diversity of causes that correspond to the SNJM values ​​and mission. It also fosters a better understanding of the scope of Béati’s collaboration in analyzing and identifying projects in line with the SNJM mission and is a great way for the SNJM community to support groups throughout Quebec.

Photos - Source Béati and Arches of Quebec

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