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Novena to Mother Marie-Rose

To obtain a favor through the intercession of Blessed Marie-Rose Durocher

Each day of the novena:

God our Father, we ask you to manifest the holiness of your faithful servant, Mother Marie-Rose by extraordinary signs so that the Church may proclaim her a saint and call upon her as a public witness to Christian life based on the Gospels.

Remember her heroic virtues as the foundress of our Congregation, her zeal for Christian education, her love for Jesus and Mary.

Remember her great love for You,O Father,and graciously grant the favors we confidently ask through her intercession.

Also recite an Our Father…Hail Mary…Glory Be


1st day - My God, through Mother Marie-Rose's daring faith  direct our lives on  the road which leads to you and grant us the favor we solicit from you.

2nd day - My God, through Mother Marie-Rose's  boundless confidence in your goodness, support our faith in your infinite power and listen to the request we present to you

3rd day - My God, through Mother Marie-Rose's  radiant charity, open our hearts to the love of others and answer our prayer favorably. 

4th day - My God, through Mother Marie-Rose's humility, grant us self-forgetfulness and listen to our supplication without delay.
5th day - My God, through Mother Marie-Rose's strength in trial, obtain for us the strength to do your will whatever happens. 

4th day - My  God, through the love of the Eucharist which energized Mother Marie-Rose, increase in us a hunger for the Bread of Life and answer our prayer. 

7th day - My God, through the desire which filled Mother Marie-Rose, help us to conform our lives to the calls of the Gospel and grant the request we make of ou. 

8th day - My God, through the love of Jesus and Mary which inspired Mother Marie-Rose every day, grant us to be like her, witnesses of love, and come to our assistance in the needs we present to you.

9th day - My  God, through the apostolic zeal which burned in Mother Marie-Rose’ heart, make us aware of the sufferings of the poor, and in your goodness,  grant us the favor we beg of you.         

N.B.   Please send information about favors received to:

80 St. Charles St. East
Longueuil, Quebec J4H 1A9


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