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An inspiring birthday celebration to celebrate life

“A Toast to Life” was the theme of this year’s Celebration of the Birthdays of the Sisters and Associates of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary (SNJM).  This annual festive and inspiring event was held at Maison Jésus-Marie on February 10th.

To set the tone for this party, all the participants received an inspirational message about life and a booklet with songs, upon their arrival. 

The program was designed to celebrate with song and dance; to share on life experiences based on a text and phrases that had been provided, and to enjoy the festive refreshments.

Mr. Gerry Gauthier, who was entrusted with managing the social aspect, succeeded in getting everyone to sing along using the provided booklets and to dance to well-known music. There was an energy in the air ... resounding in laughter and joy. 

“Life is luck” 

Reading Joeliah's text, entitled "Life is Luck", paired with individual messages, served as a catalyst for lively, incessant and enthusiastic sharing. It's easy to become immersed in the mood with this phrase: "... life is what we make of it, every thought, every word comes back to you, be aware of what you are conveying ...”  You can read the full Pdf text of the reflection  (In French only)

Refreshments were served simultaneously in the different dining rooms in the house. This promoted sharing between the Sisters living at Maison Jésus-Marie and those from elsewhere in Quebec.

To see the joyful expressions on the participants’ faces at the end of the afternoon, says a lot about the happiness experienced during this wonderful party. A huge success by the organizing committee led by Sisters Claudette Bastien, Suzanne Brault, Pierrette Désilets and Léa Dulude. 

See the photo albums with photos taken by Sisters Gisèle Lalande and Pat O’Neill.


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