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The SNJM’s helping hand in Michel Tremblay’s play at Théâtre Jean-Duceppe

The most recent creation by Michel Tremblay is currently being staged at Théâtre Jean-Duceppe until February 3rd. This play takes us back to the world of the author in the fifties, who lived on Fabre Street in Plateau Mont-Royal. Curious about everything and very tenacious, the kid bombards those around him with questions about literature, cinema and ... religion! The various characters among whom are the mother, Nana, the grandmother, the father and the Sister who is the principal of the school, have quite a bit of difficulty answering the incessant questions of young Michel.

The play that has received numerous accolades since its final dress rehearsal, allows Michel Tremblay to portray, in a wonderful way, the society in which he had grown up. Brilliant conversations and dialogues, tinged with humor, innocence and common sense provide an outstanding moment of theater with amazing comedians.

Insignificant child

For the record, it should be noted that the costume designer came to the Marie-Rose Center to make the costume for the Sister who plays the principal of the school. She made it as close as possible to the one worn by the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary (SNJM) who, at that time, were very prominent in the neighborhoods of East-end Montreal. Apart from some slight changes to the coif and veil to provide a better view of the actress’s face, the work was well done, based on the comments of the Sisters who have seen the play.

For a résumé of the play written by the comedian Henri Chassé, click here. (video in French only)

For all the details and to buy your tickets, click on this link.

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