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Opening up to other horizons… House of Peace

As you know, in recent years, I have had the opportunity to live at the House of Peace in Manitoba with women who come from different countries and diverse religious traditions. It is an unforeseen grace to be able to live together respecting differences and recognizing the richness of the other. Day after day, we build bridges that unite us and remove barriers that separate us.

For this to happen, I had to physically leave the people I love, experience a great deal of insecurity, and be willing to learn a language other than my mother tongue. I had to love without expectations and to accept my vulnerability of not always being able to respond to expressed needs or to understand the needs of others because we do not speak the same language. On the other hand, we all speak the language of compassion and communion and this is what unites us. Without knowing it in advance, I left my comfort zone to open myself to something greater and more human.

Creating the Future of Religious Life

These experiences lead me to believe in religious life. They give me the courage to create tomorrow’s future and to take the risks needed in order to respond to the needs of our world. When fear arises and the challenge seems unrealistic, I rely on my faith, knowing that God has always been present in the past, that God is present today, and that God will be present in the future. I sincerely believe that we can still undertake a deep reflection, surrendering to the Holy Spirit who will certainly know how to guide us. Do we have the courage to let the Spirit act and destabilize us once again? Yes, I am convinced that we will let the Spirit do this in the near future.

Huguette Fleurant, SNJM

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