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A way to share the SNJM mission in today's world

15 years of partnership

The “Chemins de vie” organization launched its 15th anniversary year during a festive cocktail reception on September 14th. It was a great opportunity for remembering how far this organization has come, along with highlighting its own trademark: "the warm and unconditional welcome of all those who want to pursue or undertake a spiritual journey," said Yvonne Demers, one of the members of the board of directors.

The gathering was the scene of many heartfelt testimonials from people who have benefited and/or who have decided to become actively involved, won over by this organization’s mode of operation, its vision and its contribution to the development and self-fulfillment of each individual.

It is therefore not surprising that the Quebec SNJMs have been partners with this organization for 15 years, since its mission and its values connect with both components of their educational mission: the full development of the human person through education and commitment to social solidarity.

Sharing the SNJM mission in today’s world

The Acts of the 2016 Chapter are “bursting with calls to open the doors onto Life”. They encourage "dynamism to keep our mission alive to the end. Partnerships with organizations and groups which embody the same values and the same concerns as ours, help us to continue our mission in new ways, reported an article in the Publication of the Quebec Provincial Leadership Team (November 2016).

This partnership is expressed through financial support but also by the commitment of the Sisters. Thus, Sister Denise Riel, co-founder of the organization, was coordinator for ten years. She continues to be committed to it by facilitating the workshop ‘Spirituality, a Way of Life’ and by being a member of the small group that meets on Sunday to pray and share around the Eucharist.

Sister Françoise Lanthier welcomes people and facilitates small groups who share the Word. Sister Constance Létourneau individually accompanies people who are spiritually searching. Sister Marie-Paule Demarbre is a member of the Board of Directors, while other SNJM Sisters participate in one or other of the witness talks.

Finding our mission, discovering God…

In her presentation, recalling some motivating factors that encourage people to join “Chemins de vie”, Sister Constance Létourneau emphasized the desire to "find our mission", to learn to pray, to face difficult situations and to discover God. According to her, these are reasons that legitimize her partnership and that of the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary.

"I find the "Chemins de vie" family to be so generous, lively, creative and adaptable to the needs of our ever-changing society. Year by year, new projects that are always more interesting than the others and are aimed at meeting new challenges are emerging."

In the light of this testimony and other testimonies, we can only hope that this year of festivities will bring dynamism and energy to all the people involved in “Chemins de vie”, members of the team, participants, partners, and donors.

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