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Open House on August 12 at the SNJM Congregational House

 The Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary (SNJM) will again participate in the family day, organized as part of the activities of Archeological Month, in "Parc de la Baronnie". In keeping with the theme “Life around the Saint-Antoine Brook", the SNJM Central Archives Department will present its exhibition "In Search of the Lost Brook".

This mini-exhibition presents cadastral maps and photographs of this remnant of the Longueuil heritage. Visitors will be entitled to see unpublished documents, available only to the SNJM Central Archives Department, especially with streets, no longer present. According to comments from visitors, this mini-exhibition is well worth a visit, especially while listening to the explanations given by the archivist or guide.

Visit to the SNJM Foundation House

Parallel to the activities proposed at the site of the Archaeological Parc de la Baronnie, on August 12 (from 10 am to 4 pm), it will be possible to visit a "model" of the first school in  Longueuil, which became the Foundation House of the SNJM Congregation. Situated diagonally to "Parc de la Baronnie", next to the Congregational House, this ancestral home contains small heritage treasures.

This visit provides an opportunity to discover architectural features and gives meaning to certain expressions still commonly in use today, such as a “housewarming”! It also allows for a better understanding of the conditions under which our ancestors lived, while at the same time, learning about a whole segment of the history of the SNJMs.

Mother Marie-Rose

As part of this diverse and busy day, there are various presentations on the site, including the presence of costumed historical figures. An SNJM collaborator is involved in a re-enactment, personifying Mother Marie-Rose, foundress of the first Canadian Congregation of Women Religious Teachers in Canada. She will point out some highlights from that era when the Congregation was founded in 1843, and will answer questions from the audience.

Those wishing to know more about this inspiring woman will be able to continue their exploration at the Congregational House by visiting the Marie-Rose Center, the chapel and the historical rooms in which Blessed Marie Rose lived.

Those who are not able to see everything they want on this day, will have an opportunity to come back again,  since the Marie-Rose Center is open all summer, Wednesday through Sunday, from 10 am to 4 pm or by appointment outside of this schedule. Until August 31st, visitors will also be able to visit the exhibition room where the unpublished documents on the Saint-Antoine Brook are available.

This invitation for August 12 is extended to everyone!

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