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65 years of friendship for a group of students from Collège Jésus-Marie, vintage 1952!

15 former students, including Sister Lucille Potvin, snjm, who obtained their baccalaureates in 1952 from Collège Jésus-Marie , got together on June 14 to celebrate their 65 years of friendship. These women, who lived during an era in which it was uncommon to be given the opportunity to acquire a sound general education leading to university, have kept in touch throughout all these years.

On the initiative of their president, Denise Delorme Martel, the members of the 1952 group found ways to maintain ties despite their occupations which led them in different directions. Even though she has lived in Europe for many years, there was no question of Lise Lafrenière missing this not-to-be-missed event.

This reunion held in Rosemère, on June 17th, enabled them to share each one’s life journey. They also had an opportunity to reflect on the characteristic features of their time and to realize the treasure of pursuing studies with the same group for several years, a source of profound friendships that are still as vibrant today. Some of them were not hesitant to raise the question of the possibility of developing friendships of this nature, in today’s context.

Rereading the yearbook for the graduates of 1952, the participants realized that some aspects of each one’s personality at that time remain as relevant today, but have evolved due to their life experiences! It goes without saying, that this time of encounter was both highly emotional and pleasant. Following the meal at a restaurant, the festivities continued on at the president’s house, with the expressed wish to meet again at this time, in two years.

This very special gathering reunited Monique Gratton Amyot, Denise Delorme Martel, Monique Guilbault Ducharme, Claire Barrette Joncas, Jeanne Tourillon Tremblay, Gisèle Girard Houle, Suzanne Sylvestre Montpetit, Solange Melançon Tanguay, Lise Lafrenière, Mireille Guimond Piché, Lorraine Ducharme, Hélène Massicotte Stevens, Denise Fiset Grégoire, Louise Caron Gareau and Lucille Potvin, SNJM. Do you recognize them?  See the photo album.

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