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Gathering of the Marylrose Group of Associates

The gathering of the Marylrose Associates which took place on June 11th included 4 Sisters, 8 Associates and an Associate candidate.  The entire meeting took place within the context of prayer and was focused on the theme of joy.  The opening prayer invoking the Holy Spirit began with the hymn “Everyday God” by Bernadette Farrell.

We were then invited to personally share on something, within this year, which has brought us joy.  The stories were humorous, light and poignant.  It was a delightful way to begin this gathering and helped us to know each other a little more.

Following the prayer to the Holy Spirit and a reading from the Gospel of John, Dorothy Guha led a short ceremony during which Dot Byrnes, Mary Ellen Holland and Verna de Sousa renewed their annual commitment as Associates.  After they each named their ministry, they read the following text: “In keeping with the 2016 General Chapter Act: “To examine our lifestyle and pattern of consumption in order to reduce our negative impact on the earth, I will strive to . . .” and then concluded with “I promise to live the charism of the Congregation, to embrace the Acts of the General Chapters that touch the lives of Associates, to deepen my personal relationship with God, and to serve others in whatever capacity I am called.”

Prior to enjoying the refreshments, we honoured Dorothy Guha who received the Saint Jean-Longueuil Diocesan Order of Merit for her contributions as a volunteer at Good Shepherd Parish in Brossard. We also celebrated Dot Byrnes who had recently celebrated her 90th birthday. We also expressed our best wishes to Mary McDonald who had celebrated her 90th but was unable to be with us.

We then continued with a brainstorming session making suggestions for our meetings next year.  We concluded this eventful get-together with a closing prayer and a sending forth, wishing each other a restful summer with a reminder to pray for those who could not be with us.  How good it is to come together as Sisters and Associates!

See the photo album –Photo Credits: Sister Pat O’Neill

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