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Concert of sacred songs in tribute to Mother Marie-Rose

Young Julien Brodeur-Laughton gave a concert of sacred songs at Maison Jésus-Marie, on May 22nd, on the occasion of the 35th anniversary of the beatification of Mother Marie-Rose. Young Julian has been devoting himself to learning sacred song for about three years. He loves to share his joy and his faith as well as opera with those who appreciate music. He knew how to please his audience by presenting several pieces including Domine Deus by Vivaldi, Laudate Dominum by Mozart, Pie Jesu by Webber, and Schubert's Ave Maria.  This student of Madame Sophie Decruz was accompanied on the piano by Mr. Giancarlo Scalia.

It was by pure chance that this concert took place on May 22, the day before the 35th anniversary of the beatification of Mother Marie-Rose. Prior to this date Julien's mother, a former SNJM student in Saint-Lambert, accompanied by her son, Julien, came to visit her former teacher, Sister Yolande Laberge. The 11-year-old sang two songs from his repertoire for the Sisters who were present, all of whom fell under his spell.

The Recreation Committee of Maison Jésus-Marie was quickly notified of this child’s interest to sing for the Sisters. "It would be a pleasure for me to sing for the Sisters at any time, because they are people who can understand my fascination with sacred song", he pointed out. The project quickly became concrete by choosing a time that would honor the whole Congregation.

We emphasize that Julien sings in Latin and German. He is supposed to go to Germany next summer to meet with a grand master of the opera. Meanwhile, he hopes to convince his generation to accept his desire to sing something other than popular songs.

Sensitive and spontaneous, young Julien was delighted to give this concert in gratitude to "our friends, the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary and to Sister Yolande Laberge, for their impact on education in Quebec." 

See the photo album - Photo credits: Sister Gisèle Lalande

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