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A Center for relational health offering dignity and life

La rue des Femmes (LrdF) welcomes and cares for homeless women. Survivors of the worst situations imaginable, these women are seriously wounded and restricted in their vital ability to relate to themselves and to others - our definition of relational health. In other words, solidarity and a sense of community elude them. Suffering profoundly, they are disconnected from their own humanity and that of others.

Through its program of care and services, specifically focused on the recognition of relational health, which is of paramount importance to overall health, LrdF enables these women to emerge from their state of relational paralysis. They learn to reconnect with humanity, to rediscover their abilities and to reintegrate their lives, in short, to enjoy good relational health.

Offered with great love and compassion by skilled and dedicated caregivers, the care program includes, above all, psycho-relational therapy and accompaniment, counseling, as well as outpatient assessment and support services from a CIUSSS (Centre intégré universitaire de santé et de services sociaux) care team. This makes it possible to re-establish the connection with oneself.

The care program is also combined with rehabilitation activities, in particular: art workshops and art therapy, crafts, textile arts, drama therapy, choir, photo studio and collective kitchen. Thus, through action and creativity, self-esteem which promotes opening one’s heart to oneself and to others, grows and brings to life the desire to give and to contribute to a common project. The following testimonies, gathered during the sewing workshop, provide proof of the efficacy of these activities:

  • "Now I know that I can give my clothes to others, because I know how to make other clothes for myself or for others.”
  • “Sharing knowledge (…) with others during the workshop gives me confidence in myself.”

Homeless women need our compassion to heal their deep relationship wounds and to help them experience security, a security that is inclusive, supportive and communal, socially responsible and relational. They need our hands, hands that have been outstretched for over 20 years. It is a matter of dignity and of life.

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