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Celebrating the 2017 Jubilarians: Living as Children of Light

The annual celebration of SNJM jubilarians took place on 13 May at Maison Jésus-Marie, under the evocative theme "Living as Children of Light". This event paid tribute to the 20 Sisters celebrating their 50, 60, 70, 75 and 80 years of commitment to the family of the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary (SNJM). It also highlighted the 25 year commitment of two Associates.

The Provincial Animator, Sister Denise Riel, first welcomed the jubilarians. Then, the celebration and the enthusiastic facilitating by Sisters Lisette Boulé and Madeleine Marchand, set the tone for this festive day.

The use of light as a symbol was the basis for looking back over time by comparing the various times of daylight to the different times of religious life:  

•    The light at dawn representing childhood and the call 
•    The light at noon: the years of profession and commitment 
•    The light at dusk: times of contemplation and of thanksgiving 
•    The light in spite of the darkness: trust and support during life’s difficulties 
•    The new dawn: faith and hope in a light that will never go out.

Added to these components were a much-appreciated Power Point presentation, gift giving to the jubilarians and the official picture taking. Light refreshments were then served, and the day ended with joy and good humor. 

Once again, this was a very successful event. Congratulations to the members of the organizing committee: Sisters Claudette Bastien, Lisette Boulé, Jeanne Dagenais, Lise Gendron and Madeleine Marchand.

Photo report – Photo credits: Sisters Gisèle Lalande and Pat O’Neill

Following is a complete list of our jubilarians. Congratulations to each one of them!  


80 years of religious profession

Messier, Sister Juliette
75 years of religious

Maheu, Sister Elisabeth
Thifault, Sister Jeannine
70 years of
religious profession

Brousseau, Sister Thérèse
Cadorette, Sister Thérèse
Côté, Sister Marie-Thérèse
Dessureault, Sister M.-Jeanne
Laramée, Sister Thérèse
Leroux, Sister Georgette
Rodrigue, Sister Candide
60 years of
religious profession

Beauchamp, Sister Marthe-Gisèle
Collin, Sister Micheline
Cossette, Sister Colette
Couillard, Sister Simone
Daoust, Sister Gisèle
Lanthier, Sister Françoise
Mercier, Sister Denise
Perras, Sister Simone
50 years of
religious profession

Bastien, Sister Claudette
Mongeon, Sister Lorraine

25 years of commitment

Desrochers, Lauraine
Gleiman, Zora


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