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A beautiful gesture of love and sharing to begin the new year at Pavillon Saint-Charles

The Sisters of Pavillon Saint-Charles enjoyed many joyful moments during the festivities of New Year's Day 2017. “You had to see the smiles and the bright eyes at the arrival of their Sisters and friends with whom, in some cases they had shared good times for years,” enthused Sister Lise Brosseau, one of the leaders of this special event.

The initiative provided magnificent moments of friendship and cheerfulness filled with good humor. It must be said that the fitting songs, supported by tambourines, bells and a piano accompanist, in the person of Sister Claire Bélisle, greatly contributed to creating a festive atmosphere.

Music brings back memories

 "You have truly brought life and joy to the hearts of your older Sisters. We sensed their emotion as smiles flashed on their faces," said Sister Brosseau, who added, "Of course, if they had been able to say it themselves, they would have said "Encore! Encore!"

This gathering, which was largely musical, stimulated several of the participants who seemed to have small flashes of memory. This led the leaders of this activity to stress that it might be useful for this experience to be repeated at different times throughout the year. "It would be great to come back here to sing familiar songs as well as songs from their youth, which everyone knows."

Regarding the invitation, those in charge of activities warmly thanked all the Sisters from Pavillon Saint-André who came to celebrate with the older Sisters at Pavillon Saint-Charles. “You have undertaken a wonderful act of sharing and of love. Your visit was greatly appreciated,” concluded Sister Lise Brosseau.


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