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A glance back at 2016 for the Quebec SNJM’s - Part 1

The year 2016 has been abundant with events of all kinds throughout the world - some tragic, some happier, while others have generated major surprises. At the SNJM Quebec level, the year 2016 was a good year filled with inspirational and hope-filled activities.

Several initiatives have also helped to illustrate the Congregation’s involvement which also included reconnecting directly with former students and connecting with the public at large.

Here is a brief glance back at 16 moments or key events that have marked the journey of the Quebec SNJM’s in 2016. It is by no means an extensive selection of events. We will present this looking back in two parts. The first part covers the months from January to July. The second part will cover the next half of the year. 

1.    February 2016 - Active participation in welcoming a Syrian refugee family                    
The SNJM’s, in a joint partnership, have greatly contributed to the arrival of a Syrian refugee family.  The family of three, including a three year old girl, have no relatives in Canada. They are being looked after to smooth the progress of their integration. The members of this joint partnership have already taken the necessary steps to welcome a second family in 2017.

2. February 2016 – Reflections on consecrated life
In the form of short video clips, Sister Jacqueline Boudreau shared her reflections, which were inspired by her participation in the Colloquium on the Future of Consecrated Life in connection with the Year of Consecrated Life, which ended in December 2015. These clips have been seen and shared everywhere through the SNJM and the CRC websites, as well as on YouTube. Reflections on the present and the future of consecrated life in Quebec


3. May 2016 – A tip of the hat to the SNJM’s from the OSDL 
Recognized for their important contribution to the teaching of music, the SNJMs of Quebec have been financially supporting the Longueuil Symphony Orchestra (OSDL) "Portée Pédagogique" Series for several years. This program has reached more than 100,000 young people since its launch in 1999. The contribution of the Congregation was emphasized in a beautiful way in an article published in French, in the "Courrier du Sud" and the "OSDL" newsletter. 

4. May 2016 - Joyful Celebration of the Jubilarians 
This annual event which highlighted the 50, 60, 70, 75 and 80 years of religious life of the Sisters, as well as 25 years of commitment as Associates within the Congregation, was a great success.  Joyful Celebration of the 2016 SNJM Jubilarians

5. June 2016- Beginning the adventure of urban agriculture at Maison Marie-Rose Durocher
A group of Sisters living at Maison Marie-Rose-Durocher have been won over to urban agriculture by taking care of a beautiful garden in the city. Besides the pleasure of immersing themselves in this outdoor activity, this initiative has brightened up the asphalt yard and above all, delighted these amateurs of growing tomatoes and fresh vegetables!
Residence Marie-Rose-Durocher is involved in urban agriculture!

6. June 2016 - Awareness campaign against human trafficking 
On the margins of the Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal, a new awareness campaign, with which CATHII is associated, has caused a sensation particularly by involving public figures. The campaign benefited from a broad dissemination of information lasting beyond the duration of the event. 
Awareness campaign to fight against human trafficking and sexual exploitation

7. July 2016 – Opening of a new museum in the Co-cathedral of Saint-Antoine-de-Padoue
The reopening of the Museum in the Co-cathedral in Longueuil has made more than 350 artifacts and objects recalling the history of the first inhabitants available.
The redevelopment of the museum also gave a prominent place to the SNJM’s presence and to their foundress, Marie-Rose Durocher.   For further information... 

8. August 2016 – Activities for sharing and discussing at Sainte-Émélie
The Sisters living at Résidence Sainte-Émélie cultivated the art of exchange and sharing at collation time in the various rooms. Sharing anecdotes and memories recalling good times elicited some good-humoured laughter.
Cultivating the art of sharing… in all simplicity


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