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A tribute to SNJM Missionaries – “Witnesses of Mercy”

The celebration of World Mission Day in the month of October at Maison Jésus-Marie provided an opportunity for us to highlight, in a simple way, the contribution of many Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary (SNJM), as missionaries in many areas of the world. 
Sister Michèle Gouin displayed some meaningful items on a table in the chapel.  The missionary Sisters who were there recalled memories of their respective commitments and shared them with those who were gathered. 

This brief look at the SNJM missionary path can also help us to put faces to the message of Pope Francis which reminds us that “all of us are invited to "go out" as missionary disciples, each generously offering their talents, creativity, wisdom and experience in order to bring the message of God’s tenderness and compassion to the entire human family...”  

A brief look at the journey of these witnesses of mercy

Here is a brief outline of the journey of these missionary Sisters who shared their talents in this field  in response to the needs of each area while, at the same time, revealing the presence of God.

Charlotte Leduc

28 years on mission

•    Lesotho (1951 to 1961)
•    Cameroun (1970 to 1980) | Teaching English at the Seminary (Secondary 1 high school to Philosophy II)
•    Haiti (1980 to 1988) | Built a Culinary Arts School in the  Artibonite Department (area of Haiti)

Gabrielle Brunet

28 years on mission

•    Haiti - Mainly in education, responsible for schools,  teacher formation,  accompanying catechists (children)

Simone Tessier

21 years on mission

•    Brazil - Learning the Portuguese language in Rio de Janeiro and then living in Sao Paulo. In charge of catechists, choral singing …

Rita Bracken

17 years on mission

•    Japan - Linguistic University Teacher, working with five mixed Religious Congregations and the Priests of the Foreign Missions

Jeanne Gamache

11 years on mission

•    Cameroun (1 year) - Replacing a Sister
•    Haiti (10 years) - Opened a family institute for young uneducated girls who were working as babysitters for wealthier families, working in collaboration with the Clercs Saint-Viateur; teaching sewing and local crafts (“from soup to nuts”) within a three-year formation program that led to certification.

Colombe DeGranpré

11 years on mission 

•    Niger (a Muslim country) - Mathematics teacher, various subjects from Secondary to University, formed the first doctors, dentists and  teachers in the region

Claire Bélisle

8 years on mission

•    Brazil - Learning Portuguese in Rio de Janeiro, pastoral animation (children) and leading choral singing

Jocelyne Labbé

6 ½ years on mission

•    Haiti (Gonaïves) - Directed a Centre of culinary and homemaking skills for young women from 18 to 25 years, teaching French, mathematics, sewing, embroidery and cooking. Lived at the Clercs Saint- Viateur
•    Haiti (Port au Prince)  - Lived at the convent of the Filles de Jésus, formation of seminarians, hosted tourists, made bedclothes… Had to leave for health reasons

Armande Marien

5 years on mission

•    Haiti - Teacher of Mathematics and French, Normal School, collaborator with the Little Sisters of Saint Theresa

Madeleine Marchand

2 years on mission 

•    Brazil - Small Faith Communities, human, social, pastoral, spiritual, person in charge of liturgy, working in collaboration with the two teams of Sisters on site


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