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“It’s wonderful to see the success of our students” - Charles Labrie

On November 11, the East Angus daily French newspaper "La Tribune", published an article written by Matthew Vachon, about Charles Labrie, who has been an SNJM Associate for many years. Still teaching after 54 years Mr. Labrie spoke about his passion for educating as well as what inspires him every day. 

We also discover his spirit of creativity and his determination to encourage students not to drop out of high school. These two factors partly explain the success of a project which has brought together supporters from different areas, for the good of the students.  Charles Labrie makes use of three tools:  volunteering, bursaries and keeping people informed. A convincing outcome - a rate of 88 % of the students are now finishing their high school – which should encourage similar initiatives in other milieus.

Charles Labrie’s testimony makes us aware of the many forms which the legacy of Mother Marie-Rose Durocher, foundress of the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary, has assumed. He also reminds us that our Congregation’s values are still relevant today. They are perpetuated through time, places and people.

To read the article (in French), click on the link below then download the PDF article.


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