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Twenty Years of Service

What a memorable day was had in Val Morin on May 31, 2009!  By means of the internet, a large number of Sisters sent letters of gratitude and congratulations to Sister Cécile Coiteux who has been the director of Chalet Val-Morin for the past 20 years.

During the days leading up to the 31st, we experienced unparalled SNJM solidarity. Your expressions of gratitude arrived in record time. We had a difficult time collecting all the e-mails and arranging them in a multi-coloured floral fashion.  Twenty people actually attended the celebration but you were all very present by means of your warm messages that  decorated the walls.  Your wishes and greetings will support Sister Cécile for a long time.



Here is an excerpt from one of the letters that sums up all of our thoughts: “Our gratitude to you for these twenty years for the great quality of service  you have given at our house in Val Morin; the hours you invested in planning , supervising, welcoming and giving of the best of yourself, so that this place becomes a place of enchantment, ideal for rest and relaxation throughout each season.  Overseeing all the work, renovations, the rock garden throughout springtime and summer, maintenance of the pool and the grounds, installation of the screens on the porches of the chalets to protect  us from the biting insects, etc. There is a never-ending litany of your kindness and quality of presence in this dream place in the Laurentians. 

Thank you, talented artist, for your great devotion to Val Morin these past 20 years!

We were also greatly touched by the assistance given to those who are not adept with the computer, enabling them to also send in their messages.  Four Associate groups also highlighted their admiration for all the work accomplished by Sister Cécile.

The four other sisters of Val Morin's team.

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