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“Nimble” fingers at the service of missionary solidarity

After having been exhibited and admired by the many visitors from Maison Jésus-Marie, the hundreds of knitted items were given out to fulfill their true mission: that of warming up the children and the hearts of those who will benefit from them. Tuques, mitts, scarves and small blankets have been distributed to the Fondation du Docteur Julien to keep children warm.

Several bags of tuques, scarves and 9 x 9 inch squares have been sent to Lesotho, in Africa. Sister Gisèle Foucreault’s boarders and students will be able to make a blanket or poncho, to their liking. A third lot of knitwear was also given to organizations in the area that assist refugees and street people to meet the current needs.

This project, carried out in the spirit of the Year of Mercy, required the collaboration and the talent of thirty people, including 26 Sisters, who were present at various times during the missionary exhibition which took place from October 22 to the 24. It was a wonderful opportunity to talk to the knitters who were proud to exhibit their knitting and especially proud at being able to bring a degree of comfort to people in need. 

As the one who managed the project, Sister Suzanne Lavallée was equally pleased with the interest shown by the people who came to admire and congratulate the work done by the knitters who have real nimble fingers!

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