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Benefit Concert for 'Maison des Enfants Marie-Rose', November 12th

The annual benefit concert for Maison des Enfants Marie-Rose will take place on Saturday, November 12, at 7 pm in Église Saint-Clément de Beauharnois. The renowned musicians Gabriel Thibodeau (piano) and Olivier Thouin (violin soloist for the MSO) will lead the music on the occasion of the presentation of the silent film Humoresque.

This benefit concert is original in that it again presents a silent film set to music by Gabriel Thibodeau. This time, this romantic film by Frank Borzage is built around Dvorak’s piece "Humoresque” for violin and piano.  It tells the story of a child living in a Jewish ghetto in New York in the 20’s, and who is eager to learn to play the violin. Having become famous, he experiences a tragedy... which does not prevent him from finding a happy ending.

Originally from Beauharnois, Gabriel Thibodeau is very committed to Maison des Enfants Marie-Rose and gives the money he receives, for this type of presentation, to them. He has arranged the piano and violin score for this film to provide all those in attendance with a magical moment.

The tickets are now on sale at 20$ each for adults. Children are admitted free. To reserve or to buy tickets, simply contact la Maison des Enfants by dialing 450 395-0704. This is a good opportunity for you to express your solidarity for the children’s cause. 

New phase for fundraising 

Remember that this activity is part of the fundraising campaign for the renovation of the Manoir, which is located in the vicinity of the current premises of Maison des Enfants Marie-Rose. This renovation of the premises will accommodate more children, will help with diversifying the activities offered, and in addition will bring new life to a “historical” building.

A press conference to officially launch this new phase of the fundraising, will take place before the benefit concert. The emcee for the evening will be Christopher Hall, a moderator, columnist and humorist who, incidentally, is also a classically trained clarinet player. He will be accompanied by Armand Vaillancourt, a renowned sculptor who is also very involved in the Maison des Enfants Marie-Rose

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