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A stimulating meeting for exchanging ideas to launch the "TRAQ's" new year

On September 24, at Résidence Ste-Émélie , the members of the "Table des responsables des personnes associées" ('TRAQ' - the leaders of the Francophone groups of Associates) experienced a day of renewal in light of the Acts of the SNJM General Chapter.

The meeting led by Sister Lorna Cooney SNJM, Provincial Coordinator for Associates, began with a period of reflective prayer on the theme: Welcome / Openness. 

It was a wonderful occasion to become immersed again in the atmosphere of the most recent General Chapter with Sister Lorna who had been a delegate, and Madame Janine Lefebvre, an associate-guest who represented the Quebec Associates, all sharing their impressions of the Chapter. The presentations sparked an exchange on topics for preparing the groundwork for the second part of the meeting.

The second part of the meeting focused on an excerpt from the Acts: “ASSOCIATE COMMITMENT”, and helped deepen reflection on the Province theme of "Opening Doors" and discussing creative ways for the TRAQ to move forward in the future.

The meeting ended with sharing pertinent information about the life of each group. The invitation from the English Associates to participate in their upcoming retreat day was positively welcomed. 

It was also noted that several Associates are currently experiencing health issues. Unfortunately, very sad news has cast a shadow over the beginning of this year with the unexpected death of Josée Lareau who died on October 11, following a deadly virus. We are reminded that Josée began her journey with the Associates of the SNJM Congregation in 1994.

“The misfortune of losing her, should not let us forget the happiness at having known her.”

This quote from an unknown author pays tribute to Josée’s contribution to the Associates and to the Congregation.

We are united in prayer with Josée’s family and also with all those who are ill in the SNJM community.

from left to right: Denyse L'Archevêque, Janine Lefebvre, Lorna Cooney SNJM, Gisèle Provost, Collette Cyr, Josée Lareau
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