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Jeannie Albert’s Commitment to Lay Consecrated Life

Marylrose Community

On Sunday, May 31, 2009, Jeannie Albert, Associate, made a formal commitment to lay consecrated life for a period of three years.  30 Sisters and Associates, along with Jeannie’s aunt and a friend attended the ceremony which took place at Marylrose Residence during a Eucharistic celebration. 

Fr. David Fitzpatrick, the celebrant, is a retired priest-in-residence at St. Veronica’s Parish, Dorval.  Sister Rachel Fréchette, member of the Provincial Leadership Team, received Jeannie’s commitment on behalf of the SNJM Quebec Province.  We, Sisters at Marylrose Residence, joyfully supported her request.  Following the Mass we delighted in some delicious refreshments.


During the homily, Jeannie shared,” In today’s Scriptures we are reminded that there are a variety of gifts and a variety of ways to be of service to God’s people. However, there is only one Spirit who enables the fruition of these gifts and services. It is the same Spirit who has called people since early Christianity to consecrate their lives to God. The same Spirit who called Mother Marie Rose... and called each of you to the lifestyle choices that you have made, to your particular journey, to all the places your journey now invites you to.

Today, I stand before you because this same Spirit of Jesus has called me to lay consecrated life. It is a call to community, a call to love. It is not a better or higher way of being connected to the SNJM congregation. It is however, another form of connection to the charism of education in the faith, which is the common thread that links all of us together.  And this ceremony merely formalizes what I already live.”

Sr. Patricia O’Neill SNJM


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