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A total success for the city garden at Résidence Marie-Rose-Durocher

All summer long, the Sisters from Résidence Marie-Rose-Durocher observed growing, taking shape, lengthening and ripening what will now be known as the Marie-Rose-Durocher City Garden.

Beyond wonder at the awakening of nature in this asphalt yard, which brings color, enjoyment and pleasure to the senses, we have to emphasize the diligence and tenacity of the Sister volunteers who replaced each other, morning and evening, to water it. 

The time for harvesting came quickly, and the Sisters were able to savour the fruit of their labors with joy and happiness.

The outcome of a wonderful adventure…

At the beginning of autumn, when the temperature no longer favors the ripening of plants, the Sisters who volunteered proceeded to pick the last vegetables and clean the soil to remove any residue. "Emptying" the garden, preparing  it for winter and filling bags for compost, all done as a team on a cool and sunny day! So many happy moments to be shared!

While bustling around outside, the Sisters picked the last tomatoes that would be stored in the dark to help them ripen, while others will be used to make delicious green ketchup, in the capable hands of Mr. Robert, one of the cooks at the residence.

The abundant harvest and the collaboration of the many volunteers indicate a strong likelihood of a sequel to this first experience of this "urban agriculture”.  It is a story that is to be continued ... next year.

See the photo album of this “season’s harvest”

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