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The Children Of Beauharnois

On a warm, sunny day, October 6th, the feast day of Marie-Rose Durocher, the children and their invited guests: sympathetic and committed individuals and representatives from the SNJM Community, arrived to celebrate the first anniversary of this “Home”.

An original and significant work of art, in the form of a cross, created by Armand Vaillancourt, welcomed us at the entrance to the building.  The grounds were dotted with fruits, vegetables, shrubs and even paintings that had been created by the children and their helpers.

And what can one say about the children, quietly arriving in almost perfect lines, ready to participate in this special celebration of their House!


The children sang, “Le Coeur est un oiseau” by Richard Desjardins.  After the word of welcome by Janine, a painting, done by two of the children was brought forth, a short speech was given by two other children and a flowering plant, sign of life and vitality in this House, was given by a representative of the mayor of the city.

Sister Rachel’s interaction with the children was both spontaneous and funny.  It is good to recall some of the precious pearls heard that day.  Spontaneity and sincerity permeated the gathering. In true SNJM tradition, apples were distributed by some of the Valleyfield Associates.  What a fitting way to end this joyful celebration!


During a guided tour, the SNJM’s became aware of the life and vitality in this place.  At three o’clock the little ones headed off to their activities.  After snack time, they do their homework and move on to other activities.  The older children arrive at 4:00.  We watched them put on their aprons and chef hats.  Today they were learning how to decorate gingerbread cookies.  We can guarantee that they are delicious because we tasted them…

Congratulations to Janine Lefebvre and her team!
Long live this Home for the children
and to the many years of SNJM education in Beauharnois!

Photos of the event

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