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The Dulude’s Family Tradition extends to Pavillon Saint-André

Vegetable Gardening

Pavillon Saint-André has had the opportunity of having its own vegetable garden this year. Through the initiative of Sister Leah Dulude, the Sisters living at Pavilion Saint-André and on the ground floor of Maison Jésus-Marie were able to savour the produce from this first abundant harvest.

Therefore, tomatoes, peppers and fresh herbs have been used to spice up the serving dishes and awaken the senses, especially through the aroma of fresh tomatoes and fine herbs.

Arriving in June at Maison Jésus-Marie, Sister Leah Dulude who had a small vegetable garden in her former place of residence in Saint-Lambert, was looking for a place to set up a garden. After discussion with Gaby Brunethe Sister iin charge, they finally decided on a small area behind Pavillon Saint-André, near a fence. This has proven to be a wise decision judging from the results.

A family affair

This initiative has been appreciated by everyone and has gained the admiration of the Sisters living there. In addition, it has helped extend Maman Dulude’s family tradition to the SNJM family.

In fact, it was not just yesterday that Sister Léa Dulude mastered the art of vegetable gardening. Her mother always had her own large vegetable garden. At that time, the children in the family were involved with the vegetable garden as well as with the farm, which was also used for growing vegetables. They shared the tasks ... and the fruit of their labor.

From one harvest to the next, Sister Lea’s mother would gather the seeds from her vegetables, the peppers and especially the tomatoes, to sow again the following spring. “As far back as I can remember, my mother always did this. My sisters have perpetuated this tradition, even after our mother’s death in 2000”, says Sister Léa Dulude, with a touch of pride.

And so it was that, in June, Sister Léa saw her sisters Claire and Yvette bringing sprouting tomato and pepper plants, grown from the seeds harvested last autumn. Sister Léa was then able to start the vegetable garden with these plants and other seeds from her former neighbor in Saint-Lambert.

And so, when harvest time draws to an end, Sister Léa intends to salvage the seeds from the vegetables that were produced to clean them, let them dry and save them in a container until the next year. Like her sisters Yvette and Claire, she will continue the family tradition for the benefit of her Sisters at Maison Jésus-Marie and Pavillon Saint-André.

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