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“It’s vacation time…”

Do you remember Chalet Jésus-Marie in Saint-Sauveur? What memories do you still have of Cap Saint-Jacques or of Val-des-Lacs? Set out to discover or rediscover these places of rest with a nod from an exhibition from the SNJM Archives Department, entitled “A time of rest – the SNJM’s on holiday”, presented in 2015. A look back through pictures and interesting information…

It is a wonderful occasion, during this summer season, to recall some interesting and historical facts about an often ignored aspect of the life of the Sisters throughout the ages: a time of rest.

There is a time for work, for prayer, for mutual support, and for commitment, but there is also a time to recharge one’s battery.
It is important to remember that the Congregation of the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary (SNJM) was largely based in the countryside. This fact is easily explained by the impetus of the foundress Mother Marie-Rose, who wanted to ensure the education of girls and those who were underprivileged in rural areas, through small convents in each parish. 

As a consequence, the Sisters who were working in these sometimes bucolic places were treated to waterways, meadows as far as the eye could see, without having to move very far to take some time out for rest. We think back to places like Beloeil, Sainte-Martine, Beauharnois, Waterloo, L'Épiphanie, Saint-Timothée and others.

Then, as time went by, the SNJM Congregation expanded its outreach into the cities. As we were reminded by the SNJM Archives Department in 2015, within the framework of its exhibition “A time of rest – the SNJM’s on holiday”, the Sisters had the opportunity to go to certain places that had the dual purpose of a holiday resort and a place for initial education.

This was the case for many properties, such as the farm in Outremont, whose unspoiled setting stood out against the industrial milieu of Hochelaga. By 1892, the farm welcomed both Sisters who were resting and students who came for picnics. However, the opening of the Pensionnat du Saint-Nom-de-Marie in 1905 put an end to its agricultural vocation and its place of rest. 
At that time and down through the years, other places have served as holiday destinations for the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary (SNJM).

To bring back memories or to simply be immersed in pictures from another era, see the photo album.
•    Outremont Farm
•    Dorval Farm 
•    Chalet Jésus-Marie - Saint-Sauveur
•    Lachenaie Farm 
•    Chalet Val-Morin
•    Cap-Saint-Jacques
•    Val-des-Lacs

See the photo album
Photo credit - SNJM Archives Department 

*Click on the Pdf file below to read some very informative and interesting historical notes about each of these places.


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