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A celebration under the 12 astrological signs…

Celebrating the birthdays of all the SNJM Sisters by promoting the qualities of each one of them, was the challenge that was masterfully accomplished by the committee responsible for the activity “Birthday Celebration”.

Organized for February 14, 2016, the day served, above all, to emphasize this day of friendship and to strengthen the bonds which each and everyone has woven through the years. Taking inspiration from the 12 zodiac signs, the organizing committee prepared descriptive sheets which included the main characteristics of each sign. After a brief introduction, the sheets were handed out to each one, in keeping with their sign. This simple process brought about many smiles. It also prompted some cheerful reactions and was the topic of conversation later when refreshments were served. 


This activity, which brought Sisters and associates from all metropolitan areas, began with a superb performance of classical dance. Three young students from the École Longueuilloise Koregrafia, directed by Julie Meloche, presented a number based on Beethoven’s music which was created for prayer. Even though this number is usually performed by a group of 12 people, the three young girls adapted the choreography taking into account the limited space. It was a total success and a real treat for eyes and ears.

After this spectacular beginning, the gathering continued with a song, sung as a round:  "La maison est en fête" (The house is celebrating).  This was followed by a time of prayer, composed by Pat O’Neill. The presentation of the 12 signs paved the way for very lively discussions during the refreshments in the middle of the afternoon. All the activities could be followed on closed circuit TV by the Sisters who could not come to the chapel. They also received the sheet with the description of their sign.

It was a wonderful moment during this day of extreme Siberian cold. Congratulations to Sisters Monique Gemme, Pat O’Neill and Claudette Bastien.

Photos of the event

Click on the Pdf file below for the Prayer.

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