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"Consecrated Virgin", a special vocation

“Consecrated virgin”, a special vocation (translation of a published article in Ouest-France 28/01/16)

It is an ancient and little-known commitment. More than 4 000 women, of whom 620 are in France, “mystical spouses of Christ” are living as discreet witnesses, in the world.

“Consecrated virgin”? The title is surprising and the profile of these women, often young, is even more surprising. They have occupations, they do not live in community and nothing in their appearance sets them apart. The only distinctive sign is a wedding ring on the ring finger of the right hand, a ring which marks their symbolic «marriage» to Jesus because according to the Catholic Church, the vocation of the consecrated virgin is to “let herself be espoused by Christ”.

A delegation of 110 consecrated virgins was present in Rome, from January 28 until February 2, within the framework of the Year of Consecrated Life, called by Pope Francis. 


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