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The SNJM’s from Ste-Émélie Residence and the World March of Women

During this year 2015 of international action of the WORLD MARCH OF WOMEN, we wanted to support the Women who were inspired by the Federation of the Women of Quebec who had the foolish dream of recapturing the idea of the March of Bread and Roses.

So we entered the Caravan of Liberation using CATHII’s tools for animation.

Prior to October 17, we prepared our tableau...a large triangle superbly decorated by our Sister Jeannine Lamarche, and we gathered information on the theme of the march:  "Free our bodies, our earth and our territories". 
In the Caravan of Liberation, we took note of the lovely faces of people who were participating with women from many national organizations.  We admired their smiles and repeated:

“Our bodies are not commodities to be consumed...

Let us put an end to the trafficking of Women." 

Jeannine Cornellier in front of the visual

The great Pilgrimage retreat with Mother Marie-Rose, which was attended by about 40 SNJM Sisters in the house, provided us with the ideal time to embark on the Caravan praying with all our hearts and reflecting on this wonderful prayer from the Caravan of Liberation. 
"Lord, since the beginning of time .... 
caravans have been traveling the world 
Since time immemorial, human beings have been sold as merchandise ... 
Still today, human beings are being sold for sexual exploitation 
and forced labor. 
Our voices are united to those from around the world. 
We are participating in the Caravan of Liberation. 

We say together:


The pennants on the Caravan bus

Bravo to our all of our Sisters from Ste-Émélie who were with me in thought because I had the opportunity to get on the bus and I had the pleasure of going to Trois-Rivières with our Sisters and our members of the SNJM personnel. We were really happy!  The warmth of people’s hearts warmed everyone in the the Caravan....Bravo!

Jeannine Cornellier, SNJM and ARDF (Religious Association for Women’s Rights)

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