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Tribute to Sr. Phyllis Douillard

On Wednesday, April 5, at the Châteauneuf Hotel in Laval, a banquet was held for volunteers nominated by Correctional Service Canada Administrative Committee.  Sixty-four guests were present and Sister Phyllis Douillard was one of those who were recognized for their service.  As one of the guests, I applauded this honour which reflects on our Community.  Before presenting her with a beautifully-framed personalized Certificate of Merit, France Simard, member of the Administrative Council, praised her in the name of the organization.  
The following is an extract from what she said.

“Ms Phyllis Douillard is Sister of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary.  Her commitment began several years ago and she has shared much of her time, energy and knowledge with several groups such as the Circles of Support and Accountability for released sex offenders, Restorative Justice Groups and Relais Famille, a support group for families of prisoners.

She plays an important role in the process of social rehabilitation of offenders, members of their familiesand victims. Having shown great leadership in recruiting volunteers, Ms Douillard is known for her outstanding involvement.  The devotedness she shows towards our clientele clearly reveals the values she communicates to others.”

Congratulations Phyllis! Your ministry with ex-prisoners who are undergoing rehabilitation is precious and coincides with Canada’s claim that one must always have a positive attitude towards the reintegration of these men who ask to be supported when they leave prison.
Original by Sr Violette Blais, s.n.j.m.
Translated by Sr. Pat O’Neill s.n.j.m.

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