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International exchange succeeds at

The magic of arts and culture was at work once again during the visit of some twenty youth participants from Lesotho, the United States, and Canada to Maison des Enfants Marie-Rose, on July 17, 2015. Barriers of language and age quickly fell aside through the artistic and musical activities designed by the director, Janine Lefebvre.

The participants from the SNJM Youth Justice Forum, between the ages of 13 and 15, danced a  "square dance", sang some folk and aboriginal songs and participated in collective work on the totem poles of "Maison des Enfants". They also provided help at the Maison’s kitchen. 


Under the spell of the warm welcome from the children and the volunteers from the organization, the participants from the SNJM Youth Justice Forum profited fully from their visit. They could not say enough good things and even expressed their desire to come back again while the children expressed their pride at having succeeded in passing on their dynamism and their “joie de vivre”.

As for those who accompanied the young adolescents, they were impressed with the nature of the organization and its positive impact on the development of the children. "You are an inspiration", wrote one of them, while others applauded the determination and enthusiasm of the leadership team.  It is important to stress that the SNJM’s, still present in the Beauharnois-Sainte-Martine area until very recently, remain committed to the milieu through giving financial support to "Maison des Enfants". 


About the SNJM Youth Justice Forum 

Created in 2009, the SNJM Youth Justice Forum is an international extracurricular activity designed to promote collaboration between young people in the common effort to combat injustices. One of its objectives is to form committed citizens, sensitive to the ideals of justice and peace. The Forum involves students from High Schools founded by the SNJM’s. 

About the SNJM’s 
The Congregation of the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary (SNJM) is an international community of Catholic women religious. The SNJM’s carry out their mission with the collaboration of associates, lay consecrated persons, volunteers, colleagues and friends.  Founded in 1843 in Longueuil, Quebec, the Congregation has education as its mission and is actively involved on three continents. 

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