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Prayer for Web Surfers

Spirit of Pentecost, we entrust to you
all those who are looking for you on the internet.
You, Spirit of the seven gifts,
help especially the webmasters of the sites
that are dedicated to the universality of their Church.

Spirit of Wisdom, help us to make of these sites harbours of peace,
stopovers where those who are searching
may find something from the Gospel.

Spirit of Intelligence,
May our blinders and prejudices fall away.
Teach us the art of discernment.

Spirit of Counsel, give clarity to our debates
and show us the way to greater love.

Spirit of Strength,
Give us the daring to be adventurers on the ocean of the web
and the courage to risk speaking about our faith.

Spirit of Knowledge,
Give us a love of your holy name,
humility of those who know they are sinners,
humour of those who love intelligently
without taking themselves too seriously.

Spirit of Sisterly and Brotherly Affection,
give us the peaceful joy of those who,
whatever happens, will know they are loved by God.

Spirit of adoration,
help us to be contemplatives of your action in the world
and in each of our lives.

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