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In recognition of a volunteer: Sister Thérèse Laplante

On March 3, 2015, Mrs. Diane Lamarre, Member of the National Assembly for Taillon, chaired the evening for “Volunteer Appreciation 2015” in her riding. Sister Thérèse Laplante, an honorary member involved in the organization l’Antre-Temps de Longueuil since its foundation, received tributes from representatives from the organization as well as a certificate of recognition from the Quebec National Assembly.

For more than 25 years, Thérèse, now considered a part of the history of the organization, has worked with perseverance and commitment to her work. She has actively participated as a Board member and worked at events promoting this shelter for young people between the ages of 16 to 21, who are in difficulty.

Diane Lamarre, deputy, and Sister Thérèse
Certificate presented to Sister Thérèse
Shelter of the Heart

This local resource has helped them to finish school and to find work, while assuring them of a safe environment, both physically and psychologically.

Congratulations Thérèse, for your involvement in this social and educative work! 

Lisette Boulé, SNJM

In respectful silence, we listened to Mrs, Diane Lamarre as she presented certificates and roses, along with her own personal gratitude, to the 35 nominees from organizations in her riding.

It was a wonderful gathering which helped us to learn more about volunteers who are motivated with a common goal: committed to help others in our milieu. 

Twenty-five years of service certainly deserves to be celebrated...
Marie-Rose is proud of you, Thérèse, and so are we...

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