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After more than 10 years of commitment to "Chemins de Vie", in Longueuil, Denise Riel will soon be leaving her position as director. It is a wonderful occasion for us to express our admiration for her. Her journey in this milieu has certainly contributed to making a difference. With Father Clément Farly, and supported by a remarkable team, Denise has responded to the goals that were proposed:

- To support and accompany people on their journey of spiritual seeking and growth.

- To welcome and support people in a climate of respect and freedom.


Clément Farly
Denise Riel, s.n.j.m.

Numerous services and various activities have raised the interest and participation of many people. 

It opens new paths, offers opportunities for renewal and promotes enthusiasm, creativity and faith. It is, according to our SNJM Constitutions (no 15): “to remain open to new forms of education in the faith”.

Thank you, Denise, and may your journey continue with new challenges!

Simone Perras, snjm

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