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The « Maison des enfants Marie-Rose »

The « Maison des enfants Marie-Rose » is becoming a marvelous beacon of light and radiance in the heart of the city of Beauharnois.  More than 107 children come, every day after class, to follow art and healthy cooking lessons. The request for admissions keeps growing. 

Due to the strongly expressed desire of our dear children, a whole community has rallied together to renovate the old seignorial manor so that these children may have an area of culture worthy of their extraordinary creative potential.  More than 100 volunteers are now actually working on the mobilizing project.

“If”, as Schumann said, “children are prophets”, they are announcing some very good news at this time: the support of an entire city for the love of their children.  Marie-Rose Durocher, who sent Sisters to be educators in Beauharnois more than 150 years ago, is still faithful to the children of Beauharnois.

One day a child said to me:

“Do you really believe I can learn to play the piano?  Of course you can.

If you believe I am able to, then I’ll sign up.”

The sun shone in my life that day.

Lovingly in Marie-Rose
Jeannine Lefebvre
                                                                             Photo album of the press conference

                                         Other photos of the activities

                                                                             Photos taken by Mme Dominique Parent

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