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SNJM Consecrated Lay Persons

We are Catholic lay persons,
single, widows or widowers,
who feel called to consecrate our celibacy to God,
according to the SNJM charism and spirituality.

 Eulalie Durocher,
who lived as a committed layperson
in the parish of Beloeil,
is our model and inspiration.

We commit ourselves by promises or by private vows
to a life of chastity in celibacy
 while living in our own milieu.

We wish to follow Jesus
who, in the reality of the world of His time,
took upon Himself
the everyday life of His milieu.


As SNJM consecrated lay persons
we keep our lay lifestyle in the Church.
We tend to live gospel values
and participate in the Congregation’s mission.

After a time of discernment and formation,
we commit ourselves for a specific period of time.

For more information:
Phone: 450-651-3744

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